Badass Women 2021 Calendar

The fifth Badass Women Calendar features such badasses as:

Florynce Kennedy

Patsy Mink
Marielle Franco
Maria Tallchief

And more!

Thank you for supporting the Badass Women Project! With your help, in 2020

we raised $5000 for

Women With A Vision Inc.

2021 Badass Women Calendar.png

The Badass Women Project aims to inspire all kinds of humans by celebrating badass women-- particularly to lift up women of color,

queer women, and individuals or groups that have not traditionally been recognized for their badassery-- because feminism is necessarily intersectional.


I am honored and humbled by the success of the Badass Women Project--

and I am ecstatic that so many people are excited to buy a calendar featuring

mostly women of color.


As an artist and businesswoman who identifies as white, and as someone who is committed to doing the work of challenging racism, I want to acknowledge my privilege, and engage in a conversation about how I can address racial justice through my small business.

Because the project has been such a success, one of my first goals is to give a significant financial donation from the proceeds to an organization that is working to dismantle racism and supports women of color in the United States.

I'm pleased to announce that next year, a portion of proceeds from the project supports The Black Feminist Project,

an organization that enriches the lives of, restores agency, justice, joy, and health

to Black women, girls, and non-men, often referred to as marginalized genders or MaGes

and the children they care for - with an emphasis on mother-led families.

Please check out their website to find out more!

I'm also working on providing resources here on my website to further dialogue and action to advocate for racial and gender equality. Thanks so much for your support.


Joey Hartmann-Dow


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