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The Badass Women Project aims to inspire all kinds of humans by celebrating badass women-- particularly to lift up women of color, queer women, and individuals or groups that have not traditionally been recognized for their badassery-- because feminism is necessarily intersectional.

The project began shortly after the U.S. Presidential election in 2016 as a collection of hand-drawn portraits representing Badass Women whose actions have advanced equality in the world we know.  As the project has grown, another goal that has strengthened its mission is the intention to include mostly names that are not widely recognized.  Through the production of a calendar, the project aims to provide inspiration each month as a reminder that the world is full of badass women, working tirelessly for a more equitable and just future for all humans, even when times are dark-- especially when times are dark.

Finally, since the beginning of the project, the artist has been able to donate close to $20,000 from calendar sales among several small non-profits that specifically support women of color in the U.S., and keeps the goal of spreading awareness and financial support for similar organizations.

Thank you so much for supporting this project, for enjoying it, and for encouraging its growth. Stay Badass.

Joey Hartmann-Dow


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I am honored and humbled by the success of the Badass Women Project-- and I am ecstatic that so many people are excited to buy a calendar featuring mostly women of color.


As an artist and businesswoman who identifies as white, I want to acknowledge my privilege, and engage in a conversation about how I can address racial justice through my small business.

Because the project has been such a success, one of my first goals is to give a significant financial donation from the proceeds to an organization that is working to dismantle racism and supports people of color in the United States.

Each year I donate part of the calendar proceeds to a different organization. In the past the project has supported Black Women's Blueprint, Women With A Vision, The Black Feminist Project, and Citizen SHE United. If you have recommendations for badass organizations that are working to smash racism as well as the patriarchy, please reach out:

I'm also working on providing resources here on my website to further dialogue and action to advocate for racial and gender equality. (The Women's History Museum has some great resources here.)


Joey Hartmann-Dow

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