Badass Women

2020 Calendar


This collection of portraits represents Badass Women whose actions have advanced equality in the world we know. Remind yourself every month that the world is full of inspirational Badass Women.


The fourth edition of the Badass Women Calendar features such badasses as Barbara Lee, Emma Tenayuca, Irene Morgan, Simone Biles, and more.


Includes important dates like when the Civil Rights Act was ratified and Beyoncé's Birthday.


A portion of the proceeds from this project supports Women With A Vision, Inc.!



Size: 8x8"

Printed by Fireball Printing, Philadelphia, PA.



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Badass Women

Postcard Book

Featuring 20 portraits from the first two Badass Women Calendars, including Maxine Waters, Frida Kahlo, Laverne Cox, Ida B. Wells, The Guerilla Girls, and more.

Size: 4¼ x 5½"

Printed by Fireball Printing, Philadelphia, PA.

$20 each or

2 for $36

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Badass Women



Four designs of Badass Women Pun Valentine Notecards-- the 4-pack for $8 or Double Pack (2 of each) for $12. Includes cute 4x4" envelopes (black). (You can also get 20 valentines (5 of each) for $15-- does not include envelopes)

"Feel Frida let your badass self shine" (ft. Frida Kahlo)
"Lorde, Yes" (ft. Audre Lorde)
"I think you're Swell-eanor" (ft. Eleanor Roosevelt)
"You're the Moona to my Eartha" (ft. Eartha Kitt)

Please note: Punny Badass Women Valentines are good every day of the year, Valentine's Day isn't even real.

Size 4x4" -- cannot be mailed through USPS


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